Trajan’s Market nocturnal opening at 1€

trajan's market, mercati di traiano roma

The Trajan’s Market in Rome will be open to public for 1€ on next saturday 09 september 2017

You can go inside this fantastic monument in Rome, buying a symbolic ticket for only 1€. It will open from 20.00 to 24.00 in the night. You could walk between history and music in this stunning location listening a Jazz Live concert in the heart of Rome.  Trajan’s Market is a large complex of ruins in the city of Rome, Italy. It is  located on the Via dei Fori Imperiali, at the opposite end to the Colosseum.

History pills about Trajan’s Market

The emperor’s architect Apollodorus of Damascus designed the Market. It was built from 100 to 110 AD and inaugurated in 113 AD. The surviving buildings and structures, built as an integral part of Trajan’s Forum and nestled against the excavated flank of the Quirinal Hill which reveals new treasures and insights about Ancient Roman architecture.

How to reach it?

You can go to the Trajan’s Market on foot, or using the bus, from your home in Rome. It is near home, 3/4 km, and it is a good walk if you like to walk. You can take the bus n.81 till Piazza Venezia and you will reach it faster. The modern entrances to Trajan’s Market are at Via Quattro Novembre, 94. You can also visit the Museum buying the ticket.

Please take a look to the map below to locate the market on the map.

What you can find near?

The Trajan’s Market is located near the center of Rome. It is near the Colosseum and the neighbourhood is full of bars, restaurants and shops. You can spent your afternoon in the center for a good shopping time or if you prefer you can visit the heart of Rome. Most of all the Trevi fountain is near and you can reach it in 10 minutes walking.

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