metro in rome - next opening Line c San Giovanni Station

The metro in Rome Line C is the last metro line built in Rome. The last year in March we had the first inauguration, but it was not ready to start working. During the last few days, The Mayor announced the next inauguration on 18 May 2018 of the next stop of the metro in Rome Line C. The last path connect the stop “Lodi” to the stop “San Giovanni” connecting the Line C with the Line A.

How to reach our home using the metro in Rome Line C

Now for our next guests will be easy to reach our apartment using the metro in Rome. It is easy to reach the metro from Termini Station. When you arrive to the Metro in Termini, you must follow the signs for Line A direction “Anagnina”. Then take the metro and get down in San Giovanni Station. San Giovanni station will be connected on 12 May 2018 to the line C. Then, when you get down, find the signs for Line C, and get the Metro for 2 stops. After 2 stops from San Giovanni, you must get down in “Pigneto Station” that it is 150mt from our home.

The next future faster connection

It is useful to connect you to Termini Station, Spain Step, Vaticano, San Giovanni and other locations in Rome. The second Line of metro in Rome is the Line “B”. It could connect you from Termini Station to Colosseum, Circo Massimo, Piramide, EUR Lake, and other location. The last Line of metro in Rome is the Line “C”, it is still on work. It will connect directly from the home to the Line “A” (will be in May 2017).  In the future it will connect from home direct to the Colosseum.

You can check on the map (of the metro in Rome) all the stop that will be very important such as Termini, Spagna Step, Ottaviano/Vatican City, Colosseum, Circo Massimo, Piramide, ecc…

Considerations and suggestions while moving in Rome

As Roman people as first and as traveller, when you’re coming in Rome for Vacation, I can suggest you to live the city. Living the city means to walk, to enjoy every street, everything is around you. When you walk you can notice every beautiful things Rome can reserve for you. When you move in metro it is faster, but you can’t see the city. If you want to go faster you can use the bus and it is better than the metro to live the city.

Pigneto65 - Your home in Rome

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