metro in rome - next opening Line c San Giovanni Station
The metro in Rome Line C is the last metro line built in Rome. The last year in March we had the first inauguration, but it was not ready to start working. During the last few days, The Mayor announced the next inauguration on 18 May
Network of metro in Rome
The metro in Rome include 3 lines. The Network of the metro in Rome The first Line of the metro in Rome is the Line “A”. It is useful to connect you to Termini Station, Spain Step, Vaticano, San Giovanni and other locations in Rome.
Rome termini station
To come from Termini Station by Bus To come from Termini Station to Pigneto65 home, is very easy. When you are in Termini station, exit from the main entrante to Piazza dei Cinquecento. There is the Bus parking and all the busses stop. Look for the Bus